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For just £60 + VAT per annum your vineyard can be listed in our directory of English & Welsh vineyards. Listings include short information about the vineyard and the wines, one photo of your vineyard or winery, one other image (e.g logo or wine label) and contact details (address, telephone number(s), e-mail address) and, most importantly, a link to your own website. Because is a portal website, at the top of the search engine rankings for searches on relevant search terms, the website link can bring hundreds or even thousands of extra visitors to your own website every month. To get listed just fill in the form below:


Information for the listing:

1 - Name of vineyard:

2 - Postal address of vineyard:

3 - Telephone no of vineyard:

4 - Size of vineyard (acres of vines):

5 - Types/varieties of wines grown:

6 - Is the vineyard open to visitors?:  

   Yes   No - please click to check/tick one of these two boxes

7 - If the answer to 6 was "yes" you may wish to indicate your opening times/dates:

8 - Any other information which you would like to have included in the directory listing (e.g. Facilities for visitors, recent prizes won, where your wines can be bought) - there is a limit on how much can be included but we will try to ensure that your entry is as comprehensive as possible:


9 - Your name:   - please type your name in box

10 - Your position/job title (e.g. Owner, Manager):

11 - Your e-mail address:   Please double check to ensure it is correct!

Supplementary services:

If you don't have your own website you may like to have a full webpage on our website as well as a listing in the vineyards directory so you can really set out your stall - this will give you room for several photos or other images (e.g. wine labels), more information about your vines and wines, maybe a short wine list and/or comments from satisfied customers. A full webpage brings with it a unique web address (e.g. and your own e-mail address (e.g. A directory listing + a full webpage costs £180 + VAT in the first year, but only £100 + VAT per year in subsequent years (provided there are no changes).

We can also design and build a full website for you, either on your own domain (e.g. or on a sub-domain of this website (e.g. - the cost depends on how many pages your website will have and whether you will maintain and update it yourself or whether you wish us to do so. Prices start at £250 + VAT for a directory listing on + your own full website and ongoing costs can be as low as £120 + VAT per annum. Full websites have all the normal facilities, such as access statistics and CGI scripts, and you can have full Control Panel access to maintain and develop it if you wish.

12 - Please indicate which service you require (e.g. Directory listing only, directory listing + full webpage, directory listing + website):
(If you want a listing + either a webpage or a website, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone as we shall require more information, photos etc)

13. Any comments you wish to make?

Now submit the form!

Please check that you've answered all the questions.
If you are happy with your entries, click on "Submit".
If not, you can click "reset" and start again.

We will contact you so that you can see and approve your listing before it goes "live". Once you are happy with it we will send you a VAT invoice and payment is then due within 10 days. Please send the photo(s) or image(s) of your logo or wine labels to "vr" at "". If you don't have them in digital form, don't worry, you can send us traditional photo prints and actual wine labels by Royal Mail for scanning (we will return prints to you). © 2007

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